What is a Power Jump Rope?

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A power jump rope is one of many new fitness tools for targeting specific physical ability and fitness goals. There may be some jump ropes that use power or automation to drive one end of the rope, but more commonly, the term “power jump rope” refers to a jump rope that is made to help users demonstrate and build body power. Power jump rope designs are not usually made a lot differently than a traditional jump rope. They do, however, have some additional features for helping those who like jump rope routines to train better.

Lots of power jump rope models are long jump rope tools with plastic or vinyl materials. Some advanced jump rope models are weighted to provide additional resistance. Resistance is any force that challenges the body by working against it. With weighted jump ropes, resistance is mainly composed of gravitational forces.

Working out with a power style jump rope can help individuals build cardiovascular health by elevating the heart rate for a specific period of time. Trainers also recommend jump rope routines for a variety of customers including athletes for improving agility and quick-response capacity. Good form in jump rope training makes the activity a real ability-booster for athletes or recreational trainers.


Various companies offer power ropes and other jump rope designs along with detailed explanations of what makes each jump rope special. Some of these companies show how sports teams or other athletic clients have ordered their power jump rope for training. NBA basketball team trainers have bought power jump ropes to help team members train, and boxers and other athletes often use these kinds of tools.

Many trainers consider using a power jump rope to be a more disciplined activity than running. The key to this is that using a jump rope is a guided exercise when someone is doing it correctly. The user has to respond to the quick action of the rope, while in other activities, the trainer can speed up or slow down as they prefer. Lots of fitness experts are pushing the power jump rope as a low cost, portable, and very effective way to get into better shape. Beginners should look for power jump rope models that come with instructions about how to warm up and build a routine, as well as some of the dangers of using the jump rope incorrectly.



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