What are the Different Types of Jump Rope Training?

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Many types of physical training can be completed using a jump rope. Jump rope training is favored by athletes as well as those looking for a workout that will tone and condition the entire body and help them to become more coordinated. Rope jumping is also a very efficient way to burn body fat and improve cardiovascular health. When done properly, skipping rope can be relatively easy on the joints of the body, especially the knees.

Jumping rope is often used for athletic conditioning. Athletes may utilize jump rope training to increase agility and foot speed. Boxers favor jump rope training for improving their footwork and endurance. Those who participate in basketball or track often jump rope train to increase their vertical jumping ability. Jumping rope can be an effective training tool for both sports played in short bursts and those that require a high level of stamina.

Total body workouts may feature jump rope training because it utilizes both the upper and lower body. Jumping rope works the arms, legs, and the brain simultaneously. It can also improve coordination. It demands a rhythmic pace and proper posture to keep from tripping over the rope.

Those looking for a way to efficiently burn fat often choose jump rope training. This may be because approximately 10 minutes of rope jumping can burn as much or more fat as jogging the equivalent of one mile (1.6 kilometers) in eight minutes. Because jumping rope involves nearly every muscle, some people consider it a good form of exercise they that need to lose and maintain weight.

Jump rope training may also be used to improve cardiovascular health. It improves circulation, works the heart muscle, and can lower the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. By jumping rope for 30 seconds, resting for an equal amount of time, and then rope jumping for another 30 seconds, even 10 minutes of this type of "interval" training can burn fat and strengthen the heart.

Jump rope training can be a low impact form of exercise when done properly. Low impact rope jumping is typically done at a quick pace, low to the ground with the knees slightly bent. When jumping rope for low impact, it is usually best to push off and land on the balls of the feet. This will allow the muscles of the calves and feet, rather than the knees, to absorb the impact.

Jumping rope may be popular for a variety of reasons. It is portable, can be done indoors or out, and is relatively inexpensive. Jump ropes are usually made of leather, plastic, cloth, or strung with beads. They can be purchased for approximately $15 US Dollars (USD) and usually last many years. Some fitness trainers consider a jump rope to be the best all around piece of sports equipment a person can own.


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