How do I Learn How to Jump Rope?

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Learning how to jump rope can be a great way to get in shape and increase your physical fitness. It is very simple to learn how to jump rope, and usually just requires making the effort. First, you will need to purchase a jump rope designed for exercising, not one of the plastic ones intended for children.

A jump rope designed for exercising should have a heavy rubber or nylon rope attached to sturdy rubber or wooden handles. The jump rope should be heavy enough to swing over the head easily without becoming caught on anything. To get the correct length of jump rope, stand on the rope in the middle of it with the feet flat, and pull the handles up to the side. While you are standing on the jump rope, the handles should just reach to the armpits; some jump ropes are adjustable.


Once you have purchased the correct jump rope, you will need to learn how to jump rope. Odds are you have jumped rope previously at some point in your life when you were a child, and the same rules still apply. Hold one end of the rope in each hand, and loop the rope over top of the head and under the feet, jumping at the right point to clear the rope. As you are getting back into practice, you may only be able to do one or two jumps before tripping on the rope, but soon you'll be able to sustain jumping.

If you have trouble learning how to jump rope, you might choose to watch a video online or take jump rope classes at a gym. These classes offer basic instruction, as well as guided exercise programs to help you get the most benefits from a jump rope workout. Once you have mastered how to jump rope, you can try more difficult skills, such as tricks or more challenging exercise programs.

Some people try jogging with a jump rope, jumping on one leg, or trying to swing the rope around the head twice in one jump, for example. Jumping rope is a great aerobic activity with cardiovascular benefits, because it gets the heart rate up and the body moving. In addition, it works many different muscle groups throughout the whole body, including in the legs, arms, back, and abdominal muscles. Learning how to jump rope can be a fun way to exercise, and it can be very beneficial to the body as well.



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