What is Oily Lotion?

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The various types of moisturizers that make up an oily lotion can be comprised of aloe, baby oil, mineral oil, or even a combination of all of these. Generally speaking, any lotion that consists of ingredients known to moisturize the skin can be referred to as oily lotion. Many factors can cause drying of the skin, such as exposure to the sun and the cold weather or certain skin conditions. An oily lotion moisturizer is designed to be used on various parts of the body, and it might include body cream with special oils to lubricate and replenish moisture in several layers of skin. Hand lotion is another type of lotion that contains the same ingredients found to seal in moisture.

There are oily lotions made for cleansing as well. These might include special ingredients that are helpful in combating combination skin problems, such as dry skin that is prone to acne. In such cases, an astringent might be an ingredient that is added to the lotion. These lotions can be found in liquid form or as a cream-based solution.


For dry patches of skin in various areas of the body, a type of oil-based lotion might include gel. These gels are typically made to be gentle enough for use after shaving and are formulated with special needs in mind. Dry skin often appears on the elbows and legs, and that is why a degree of products targeted for those areas were created. Gels are typically less messy or greasy-feeling than the oily lotions, which is why they are often preferred.

Oily lotions do not necessarily have to be used after a bath or before exposure to the sun. There are many specially-formulated lotion soaps available as well. These might include ingredients such as lanolin and vitamin E or aloe. Aloe is typically added to lotion soaps to soothe the skin from various irritants. For instance, sunburn is generally relieved by the use of aloe formulated in these products.

Another alternative to the standard lotion is the use of olive oil lotion. It is generally used to replenish moisture in very dry skin. Olive extract and olive butter are common ingredients found in some of the oily lotion products available for dry skin. Another added effect is the claim that these lotions reduce scarring of the skin.

Baby oil is formulated to be a gentle hydrating solution for babies and adults. It can be used as a quick and easy make-up remover as well. Many people also use baby oil to soften rough dry skin on the heels of the feet, which can often crack from dryness.

A lesser-known lotion that contains oils is cellulite lotion. Many contain ingredients such as green tea and caffeine. Another type of oily lotion is a stretch mark lotion. Many of these contain the same ingredients as other types of moisturizers, such as cocoa butter, along with a vitamin-enriched formula. Toning lotion is meant to tighten loose, baggy skin while adding the oily lotions to soften at the same time.



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