How Do I Choose the Best Oil-Free Lotion?

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When choosing an oil-free lotion, it is important to read ingredient labels, consider your need for a moisturizer or lotion, and test the product before buying. The packaging of a lotion can also be important, particularly if you want to carry the product with you or are concerned about the stability of its ingredients or possible contamination. Other considerations include the price of the lotion as well as whether you find the product effective and comfortable to use. If you have very sensitive skin or a skin disorder, you should speak to your health care professional before using any product and ask him or her to recommend a good oil-free lotion for you.

Many people choose oil-free moisturizers, lotions, or cosmetics for use on oily or acne-prone skin. The purpose of using oil-free lotion is typically to provide an improvement in the way skin looks and feels while not increasing the appearance of oily or shiny skin or triggering breakouts. Unfortunately, all oil-free products are not necessarily good for oily skin or for use on skin that is already afflicted with blemishes. For example, some oil-free skin-care products may include waxes or other ingredients that can clog pores or leave a sticky film on the skin.


As everyone's skin is different and even oil-free products can present problems for those who have issues with their skin, make a point of trying out an oil-free lotion before buying it. It may be possible to pick up a sample of the lotion or moisturizer at a cosmetic counter or to try the product in the store. If samples aren't available, inquire as to the store's return policy. If you can get a refund or exchange the product, you may want to take it home to try. Pay attention to how the oil-free lotion feels on your skin and observe whether it triggers any breakouts or irritation. If it does, take it back.

If you want to buy an oil-free lotion that you can carry with you to rehydrate your skin on a regular basis, purchase an oil-free lotion that is packed in a tube, as these are typically quite portable and are less likely to leak into your purse or tote. In addition, tubes protect the product against bacterial contamination and exposure to air, which can degrade the effectiveness of some ingredients, such as antioxidants. Finally, read the label to see if it contains a sunscreen. If it doesn't, you may need to use an additional sunscreen to protect your skin. If possible, select an oil-free lotion that includes a sunscreen so that you don't need to use multiple products.



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