How Can I Deal with Dry Skin on the Elbows?

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If you have dry skin on the elbows, you may be able to deal with it by using a moisturizer and exfoliating. Moisturizing can be done with a variety of different products, and you might need to do it more than once per day, depending on the severity of your dryness. Most experts recommend limiting elbow exfoliation to just once every two to three days because the abrasiveness of the process could irritate your skin when done too often. It's also a good idea to see a doctor if the dryness persists beyond a few weeks after you've attempted to correct it.

Using some type of moisturizer regularly might be your best defense against dry skin on the elbows. You can use almost any type of lotion or oil designed to moisturize, but you might want to be careful about using any product that is scented with lots of artificial fragrances. The chemicals in these fragrances could actually worsen dry skin on the elbows. Even though it's generally advisable to use moisturizer on your elbows several times per day, it's especially crucial to do so immediately after you take a shower or bath because the heat opens up your pores, giving the lotion an opportunity to soak down inside them.


Dry skin on the elbows is likely due to a layer of dead cells that have built up over time. Exfoliation is typically considered one of the best ways to remove dead cells from the body, and you can do this in a variety of different ways. Some of the more popular items used for elbow exfoliation are loofahs and pumice stones, both of which are available at almost any store selling body care products. You can also either purchase or make your own body scrubs that can do double duty by both exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. Avoid daily exfoliation to keep your skin from becoming irritated and raw.

If dryness on the elbows continues even after you have been moisturizing and exfoliating regularly, you should notice whether the area appears inflamed. Dry, flaky skin accompanied by severe redness and irritation is a sign of a skin condition or allergy. You should discontinue using any new bath and body products that might have brought on the irritation. If the problem disappears after you stop using any new products, it's very likely that you were allergic to an ingredient in something you were using. You should go to the doctor if discontinuing use of various products doesn't get rid of the irritation to see if you have a skin condition that may require prescription treatment.



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