How Do I Exfoliate Dry Skin?

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To exfoliate dry skin, you can use one of several methods. The most common method involces a slightly abrasive exfoliating skin solution. You may also slough away dead skin and flakiness by using a loofah pad or wedge, or a sisal mitt. Be sure the pads or mitts are latex free if you are allergic to latex. Making your own homemade exfoliating lotion is another option.

If you exfoliate dry skin manually, use care not to irritate your skin by rubbing too hard. Be careful of sensitive areas, such as the nose or around the eyes and mouth. A gentle way of removing dry and flaky skin particles is by using warm moisture. You can use a facial sauna to allow the moisture to permeate your skin before you exfoliate.

For many people, it is necessary to exfoliate dry skin areas on the face, elbows, and knees. If you're concerned about dry skin on your face, try an exfoliating facial scrub. If you have acne-prone skin, or you are allergic to certain ingredients, you need to read labels carefully. Choose a facial cleanser that is not made with harsh chemicals or alcohol-based ingredients. If you prefer to use all-natural products to exfoliate dry skin, look around for organic facial cleaners.


A safe and natural alternative to using a store-bought facial exfoliating scrub is to make your own at home. A homemade exfoliating lotion or cream can be made with a few household ingredients. You'll also save money by making your own scrubs and lotions. To exfoliate dry skin naturally, try using sea salt, warm water, and a washcloth. If you have extremely sensitive skin, however, you might want to use a gentler alternative to salt.

To remove dead skin gently, and reveal a radiant glow, try an oatmeal and honey mixture. You can also grind some almonds and mix them with the oatmeal to exfoliate dry skin. If you do not have any of these ingredients handy, grab a cup of yogurt from the refrigerator and use this as a gentle exfoliating scrub.

In dry or cold climates, lips may become chapped and painful. To help ease the discomfort, it's important to exfoliate dry skin on your lips. You can do this easily by applying a dab of moisturizing lip balm on your lips, then gently rubbing a moistened washcloth over them in a circular motion. This technique should help to remove dead skin on your lips, and promote healing. Don't forget to use a lip balm with sunscreen before sun exposure.



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