How Do I Choose the Best Face Wash for Dry Skin?

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A face wash for dry skin is ideally creamy and well moisturizing without exfoliating properties. In addition, it is not formulated to get rid of acne, nor is it a gel product, which is usually best suited for oily skin. Lastly, remember that all natural products can be drying, so do not purchase a natural face wash thinking it will not be harsh on your skin. Even with the most careful research, you may end up trying quite a few products before finally settling on something that works well.

When choosing a face wash for dry skin, look for a creamy wash specifically meant for dry skin. These face washes are typically more moisturizing than other washes. Creamy exfoliating face washes can be beneficial too, but they should not be part of your daily routine. The purpose of this kind of wash is to remove dead skin to reveal smoother, softer skin. Exfoliating dry skin more than once a week can be counter-productive, however.


The ideal face wash for dry skin is usually not an acne wash. Many acne washes available over the counter work by drying out the pimples, and they can dry out the surrounding skin too. If you are only washing off makeup or sweat or you need to wash more often than twice a day, an acne wash is likely harsher than necessary. These washes should not be used more than twice a day, and some people observe positive results using acne washes less frequently.

Gel facial washes often work best for oily skin and can aggravate dry skin. Although this rule is not hard and fast, in general the best face wash for dry skin is not a gel. If you spot a good sale on a gel face wash or heard raving reviews from a trusted friend, however, give it a try. Everyone's face is different, and the product might be moisturizing enough to clean and relieve your dry skin.

The best face wash for dry skin is creamy, moisturizing, and lacks harsh chemicals. For many people, all-natural cleansers seem like the way to go because they generally do not have synthetic chemicals, unnatural fragrances, or dyes made in a lab. A natural product can be just as drying or unsafe to use as an unnatural one, however. Nature’s fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be powerful enough to even conflict with medicine when consumed. In short, natural products are not always the easiest route; keep this in mind when choosing a face wash for dry skin.



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