What Is Moroccan Hair Oil?

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Moroccan hair oil is a type of emollient that is known to replenish shine and luster. The oil also strengthens the hair shafts and can calm frizz when used regularly. While it is common for people to use Moroccan hair oil on coarse, dry or damaged hair, many individuals use the oil to simply add softness and shine to normal hair. The oil typically has a thick, viscous consistency and should be used in moderation to avoid oiliness of the scalp and hair.

Dry hair is a common problem for many individuals, especially those who use heat to style their hair. In addition, the use of drying shampoos and other hair products can strip the hair of moisture and shine. To combat this problem, many individuals opt to use hair oils and emollients that replenish moisture and nourish damaged tresses. Moroccan hair oil is a thick emollient that will hydrate the hair shafts and improve the overall health of the hair, which is why it is commonly used by those who suffer from dry hair.


For lifeless or dull-looking hair, Moroccan hair oil can add shine and vitality, as well as nourishment and moisture. While many oils will remain on the surface of the hair, Moroccan hair oil penetrates the shafts of the hair. The hydrating oil can also also tame frizz, restore luster, and mend split ends for those who use it on a regular basis. Hair that is prone to breakage can also benefit from the use of this oil as it also strengthens and fortifies the hair shaft.

To use the oil, most individuals simply add a small amount of product to the hands and rub their palms together before applying it to damp or dry hair. It is important to use only a small amount of the oil as it can make the hair appear greasy when used excessively. Many individuals also avoid getting the oil too close to the scalp, as this can make the hair look oily as well. When applying, it is best to work the product through the ends of the hair to avoid using too much and to ensure that the product is evenly distributed through the hair.

Although it can be used by itself, many people prefer to use Moroccan hair oil in combination with shampoos and conditioners that also contain this ingredient. Moroccan oil is also commonly found in deep conditioners and hot oil treatments designed for intense moisture and hydration. The oil can also be combined with other moisturizing emollients such as jojoba oil or coconut oil, if preferred.



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