What Are the Benefits of Neroli Oil?

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Neroli oil, an essential oil derived from the bitter orange blossom has numerous purported benefits, especially for personal care and beauty. The sweet and citrusy scent makes it popular as a perfume and for aromatherapy. It is also believed to relieve anxiety as well as depression in most people. Several people further note the numerous benefits for the skin, such as improve elasticity, fade scars, and get rid of acne. This oil is also used as an anti-bacterial.

The citrus scent is described as sweet, floral and, at times, spicy. This makes it a popular ingredient in several perfumes and other scented beauty products. It may also be used to scent a room, which has an added benefit of disinfecting the air. The strong and pleasant aroma also makes it a popular choice for aromatherapy.

This oil’s scent is not the sole reason neroli oil is commonly used in aroma therapy. Several people believe that the scent is capable of bringing up feelings of delight and cheerfulness when smelled. Many reports claim that it therefore calms anger, eases anxiety and stress, and lifts depression. It also acts as an aphrodisiac by increasing the libido and temporarily reducing erectile dysfunction.


There are a number of beauty benefits for the skin from using neroli oil on a regular basis. It is believed that using this oil will improve skin elasticity over time. The oil may also help the skin to stretch better and prevent issues, such as stretch marks, which supports its popular use by pregnant women. Neroli oil may further kill bacteria and tone the skin as well as heal and reduce the appearance of scars, pox and acne.

Neroli oil is also a popular disinfectant and anti-bacterial. The oil may be applied to wounds as a cleaning agent as opposed to chemical or medial alternatives. It may also kill certain types of infections in the kidneys, prostate and urinary system. Other purported benefits include treating typhoid, cholera and food poisoning. Neroli essential oils may further help colds by suppressing coughs and regulating mucus levels in the body.

Miscellaneous benefits of neroli essential oil include an improved circulation and metabolism as well as potentially aiding in weight loss. Interestingly, it is occasionally also used to increase appetite. It is further believed to improve both immune and digestive system function. Neroli oil may also relieve gas, indigestion and constipation.



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