What is Cosmetic Argan Oil?

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Cosmetic argan oil is said to have been used by Moroccan women for many years on their skin, hair and nails. Many people believe that this oil reduces and prevents blemishes and wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes hair and skin and prevents brittle nails. Cosmetic argan oil comes from the seeds of the fruit of an argan tree, which is a rare tree found in only a few places in the world. Several suppliers carry fair trade cosmetic argan oil, which means the individuals producing the oil receive fair compensation for their product.

Many people use cosmetic argan oil because of its many skin benefits. The oil is high in fatty acids and vitamin E, which provide great moisturizing power and skin-soothing comfort. Some people believe that the oil works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes and that it can work as an effective moisturizer for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Cosmetic argan oil might be used to reduce existing facial redness caused by prior blemishes.

Dry and damaged hair might also benefit from an application or two of cosmetic argan oil. The oil is said to penetrate the hair, moisturizing deeply without any harmful chemicals or unnatural products. Some stylists also state that the oil speeds drying time by up to 50 percent. As a result of the moisture and repair that the product supplies, split ends and frizzy hair might be mended or reduced all together.


Hands and nails might also benefit from the moisture-rich properties of cosmetic argan oil. Weather, constant washing or environmental issues can easily dry out hands. A few drops of argan oil might provide intense moisture to dry hands. In addition to moisturizing hands, argan oil might also help with brittle nails and problem cuticles. Many people like the use of argan oil as a moisturizer because it does not leave a greasy or oily feeling after application.

When purchasing cosmetic argan oil, an individual might consider looking for pure argan oil or argan oil products that contain other natural products. Many cosmeticians recommend against using cosmetic products that contain chemicals or other items that are man-made. Argan oil is often a more expensive cosmetic product because of the rareness of the argan tree and the process used to produce the oil. A few drops of the oil are all that is needed for most of its applications.



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