What is Fashion Consulting?

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Fashion consulting is a professional service that is offered to individuals who need help buying, coordinating, and accessorizing outfits. Trained consultants can make either subtle or drastic changes to their clients' wardrobes, makeup, and hair styles in order to improve their appearances and keep them up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. A professional may work for a single client, such as a celebrity, politician, or business person, or offer services to many people to help them make better fashion choices. Most experts work for fashion consulting companies, clothing manufacturers, movie studios, and television broadcasting companies, though some consultants choose to operate their own businesses.

A person might seek a fashion consultant when he or she simply does not have the time to choose and purchase new outfits. These consultants frequently go shopping for their clients, picking out clothing and accessories that they believe will look the best for certain occasions. A professional may add options to a person's existing wardrobe or completely replace the contents of his or her closet. The consultant considers the style a client hopes to achieve, the settings in which outfits will be worn, and the costs of different items when making significant wardrobe changes.


Fashion consulting involves bringing together a stylish outfit with the appropriate accessories, makeup, and hair. Many fashion consultants are cosmetics experts, able to determine the best colors, shades, and amounts of makeup products to use on their clients. Consultants often explain to hair stylists the basic looks they want for their clients, and many professionals actually cut and style hair themselves.

Successful fashion consulting can result in many benefits for clients. Besides improving their looks, consultants can improve clients' self-esteem by making them feel more comfortable in public settings. An individual who knows he or she looks good is usually less tense and self-conscious in social situations. In addition, professionals often become close friends with their best clients over time.

An individual who wants to get started in the fashion consulting field can pursue a two- or four-year degree program at an accredited institution. Many students pursue business or fashion merchandising degrees, and some schools offer programs specifically geared at fashion consulting. While enrolled in a program, a prospective consultant learns about the history of fashion, the prominence of certain styles, and the best methods of putting together a wardrobe. Upon graduation, most new consultants work as apprentices or assistants to professionals in the field to gain firsthand knowledge of how to obtain, please, and keep clients.



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Post 3

I think I really need a fashion wardrobe consultant because I am terrible at putting together outfits that match well. It always seems like no matter what I do I end up messing up the look I am trying to copy from the magazines I buy.

Where is the best place to find fashion consulting firms that offer consultants for hire at reasonable prices?

I have a set budget for what I am considering my mid-life makeover and am hoping to stick within it. I really just need someone who can teach me to coordinate without making glaring mistakes. I like the idea of keeping a photo record of what the consultant shows me what to do.

Post 2

@animegal - I think your best bet if you want to pursue being a personal fashion consultant is to take some fashion courses at college and try to get in as a personal shopper at one of the higher end department stores. My friend works as a fashion and wardrobe consultant and much of the work she gets is secured through word of mouth.

There is also the chance that you could get an internship through a college program that would let you meet people in the industry. If you could get a popular fashion consultant to help you out you'll really learn the tricks of the trade. Much of it is being a savvy business person.

Post 1

I have been looking at various career options and am really curious about what it takes to get into fashion consultation. Does anyone know the easiest way to get into fashion styling?

There are so many shows on TV these days that work on total makeovers that I think it would be a blast to work as a fashion image consultant. I can imagine that working your way up the ranks so you were popular enough for your own show would be tough, but even doing this kind of work locally appeals to me. I love fashion and have a strong interest in learning more about the fashion industry.

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