What are the Different Fashion Consultant Jobs?

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In the past, being fashionable was largely a matter of being able to afford the most exclusive and expensive designer garments of the season. Thanks to our expanding global market and the popularity of bohemian and second-hand styles, being fashionable is no longer a matter of means as much as creativity. Because of this, the biggest challenge to being in fashion is now the ability to select from the overwhelming volume of choices that exist in garments and accessories to create an outfit that works. People who don’t have the time or skill to do this themselves can benefit from the help of a professional who works in one of the many different fashion consultant jobs, which range in terms of their services and clientele.

Of all the different fashion consultant jobs that make up the workforce, the one which requires the least background experience in fashion is a retail sales clerk position. Salespeople employed by clothing stores juggle a wide range of responsibilities, including greeting customers and helping them with their purchases, ringing them up, keeping track of store inventory, and more. As part of these responsibilities, they are often called upon by customers to provide their opinions on different styles and put together outfits of coordinated clothing and accessories. Although an eye for style is an asset in this type of position, it can also be compromised by the main priority of the job, which is to make the sale first and foremost.


There are other different fashion consultant jobs in retail environments, such as personal shopper positions, that place a higher priority on helping the customer find the best clothing for them. High-end and designer stores employ personal shoppers to assist customers with finding items that suit their style, size, and other preferences. There are also personal shoppers who are self-employed and offer their services on a freelance basis to individual clients, purchasing clothing or other items for them.

Perhaps the most prestigious and highest-paying of the different fashion consultant jobs is that of a stylist. Public figures often hire celebrity stylists to help them source the right clothes and accessories and pull together a signature style. Celebrity stylists are usually self-employed and work with a number of different celebrity clients. Other similar occupations include wardrobe stylists for film, television and theater, who procure the wardrobe for a cast of characters in a production. Some wardrobe stylists actually design the clothing themselves, such as designer Patricia Field, who created the fashions worn on Sex and the City.



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