How Do I Keep up with the Latest Hair Trends?

Keeping up with the latest hair trends is easily done with a weekly subscription to a fashion magazine, one-on-one consultation with an expert on hair, and by being observant. A subscription to a magazine is usually inexpensive, but some book stores welcome people browsing their stock of magazines, which makes keeping up with trends even cheaper. Hair stylists are experts on hair and usually know all the trending cuts; plus consultations are often free. Lastly, being observant when in public is another way to pick out a trendy cut.

Subscribing to a weekly magazine is one way of keeping up with the latest hair trends. Generally the best way to do this is to subscribe to a magazine meant for your gender, unless you prefer the opposite gender’s hairstyles. Many magazines have model and celebrity pictures to browse for ideas on haircuts, clothing, and accessories. You may even run across a list of the latest hair trends and how to achieve the same looks at home. Alternatively, to save money you can browse the magazines at a local book shop, but make sure that flipping through a new magazine is acceptable behavior at that particular business.

Few people know more about the latest hair trends than a person who creates them. Visit a hair salon for a consultation on what cut and style will best suit your facial shape and daily styling requirements. A busy stylist nearly always knows what is currently trending. For best results, go to a salon that specializes in cuts and styles for the gender of your preferred cut. During a consultation, a stylist will assess your hair texture, its length, and your facial shape before recommending a cut based on how often and long you wish to spend styling it.

Another way to keep up with the latest hair trends is to go out and look for them. Take a trip to a busy shopping mall and pay attention to everyone’s haircuts and styles. You will likely notice a trend that seemingly was not there before, but the truth is that you did not see it because you were not looking for it. This is normal, however; humans fail to see a lot of what happens around them when their focus is elsewhere. Once you spot the perfect cut, ask the person where he or she got the cut, if it has a name, and if you can take a picture of it to make your stylist’s job even easier.


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