What are the Different Hair Stylist Careers?

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There are many different hair stylist careers that a prospective hair stylist can choose from. From a generalized stylist to a stylist who specializes in cutting children's hair, the options are endless. While hair salons may seem like a relatively recent invention, stylists and salons, of sorts, have existed for millennia, catering to certain groups of people.

Many historians believe that hairstylists existed in Ancient Egypt. These stylists often worked for affluent members of society, attempting to creating new and interesting hair styles. By the time the Victorian era rolled around, hair had taken on a whole new look. Victorian styles were complex and demanding, which meant that every woman had to have a stylist she could run to when a new hair style was called for. Since the style of one's hair also determined one's station in life, stylists during the Victorian era had to perfect all new hair styles.

Today, some stylists work solely with African-American clients, while other stylists focus on hair coloring or formal hair styles. Prospective stylists who wish to work within the fashion world may want to seek out hair stylist careers within a production company. Likewise, stylists who wish to work solely with elderly people may want to pursue work within a salon that caters to an older clientele.


Many stylists wish to only cut and style men's hair, and these stylists tend to work within salons that cater exclusively to men. Some stylists even work with actors and actresses as part of a makeup and hair crew. Still, before any hair stylist careers can be pursued, all stylists must first obtain a cosmetology license.

These licenses can usually be gained by applying to a cosmetology program within a local trade school. Alternately, some specialized hair schools exist throughout the world, and they frequently offer unique courses. All stylists must keep abreast of new trends within the hair world. Successful stylists gain a large following of devoted customers who expect the latest hair fashions and techniques. Hair stylist careers can be found by applying directly for a position at a local salon, searching through job advertisements, or beginning work as an intern within a popular salon.

The career of a hair stylist is often rewarding, though this type of job can also be highly demanding. People with lucrative hair stylist careers often discover a particular niche. Therefore, anyone looking to explore various hair stylist careers may want to consider working with a distinct group of people.



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