How do I Choose the Best Hair Stylist Employment?

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The best hair stylist employment for you depends on your priorities in finding work in your field. For example, you may be looking for specific work hours or a hair salon close to your home. You should also think about the kind of salon you'd most like to work in when choosing hair stylist employment.

If you're a new hair stylist, the best employment opportunity for you may be at a salon that has a mentoring program. You can earn an income while also being trained by experts in advanced hair coloring and styling techniques. It’s definitely a good idea to do some research about the quality of the salon and the background of its mentors. You should be prepared to apply early for the mentoring program as well as be prepared to explain why this type of hair stylist employment is an ideal fit for your career abilities and interests.


If you specialize in styling and caring for a particular type of hair such as curly or long, then a salon that also specializes in that area could be an ideal employment match for you. The main thing to remember when looking for the best hair stylist employment is to match your skills, style and career values as closely as possible to a hair salon business. Introduce yourself to the salon owner and observe how the stylists interact with customers. If the salon's atmosphere and the owner's business objectives seem like a good fit for you, you can request an interview and leave your resume. Although it may not be easy to land a job in the salon you want to work in, polite perseverance and a genuine passion for styling hair definitely help.

Your interests and personality can guide you in selecting hair stylist employment that really suit you. A trendy hair salon could be a good choice if you want to give customers the newest styles and have a keen interest in fashion. These types of hair salons tend to be upscale and may offer competitive pay. The competition for hair stylist jobs at trendy upscale hair salons is likely to be high, so you'll have to be able to communicate to the hiring management why you're the right stylist over the many other applicants.

It may be easier to find hair stylist employment at hair salon chains that offer discount cuts and styles at low prices. However, the pay is likely to be much lower at these types of salons. You'll also need to be experienced in cutting men's, women's and children's hair, as many families tend to use discount hair salon chains.



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