What is Esoteric Healing?

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Esoteric healing is a form of alternative treatment for the body, mind, and spirit. The basis for this type of alternative healing has to do with understanding and harnessing the power of the chakras, or the seven major vortices or points of convergence of energy in the body. While some forms of esoteric healing preclude a physical connection between the healer or practitioner and the patient, that is not always the case.

In addition to the methods that direct energy from the healer to various points on the body of the patient, a direct connection may be used to provide a conduit for the transferal of healing energy. Various methods such as massage, therapeutic touch and acupuncture are forms of esoteric healing that seek to tap into the natural energy fields of the body and restore proper balance to the whole human being.


One of the main goals of the esoteric healer is to tap into the body’s energy field and identify where there may be some sort of blockage in the flow of energy through the body. Blockages sometimes occur at or near a chakra. When this is the case, the healer can make use of several different approaches to remove the blockage and allow energy to move through the body as it is supposed to do. The end result is that the individual begins to recover from whatever physical or emotional ailment is present as the restored flow of energy reaches and begins to nourish parts of the body that were lacking a continual flow of essential life forces.

In general, esoteric healing does not rely on the use of medications as part of the treatment series. However, the healer may recommend the use of herbs or counsel the individual to avoid the consumption of certain types of foods in order to prevent a recurrence of the energy blockage. By taking preventive measures, the body is given the opportunity to continue healing from the previous interruption of energy flow. This in turn allows the individual to recover from the emotional trauma triggered by the physical response. Together, the healing of the body and mind help to restore balance to the spiritual nature of the individual.

While esoteric the medical community does not generally recognize esoteric healing as an effective means of treating various ailments, there are a number of anecdotal testimonials that point to the successful use of this approach to dealing with various types of health issues. Because of the calming influence that often is part of an esoteric healing session, it is not unusual for a person who is dealing with stress to emerge from the session feeling calmer and somewhat rested.



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