What is a Reiki Healer?

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Also known as a Reiki practitioner, a Reiki healer is one who makes use of the healing energy strategy known as Reiki. Considered by many to be an effective form of alternative medicine, Reiki involves the healer as a conduit for the transfer of energy from the universe into the patient. In order to accomplish this, many expressions or Reiki involve using the hands to direct the flow of energy, either by making direct contact with the body of the patient, or holding palms of the hands just above the patient’s skin.

An individual who is interested in becoming a Reiki healer will normally study under someone who has received the title of a Reiki master. While it is possible to teach others about how Reiki works, most practitioners acknowledge that spending time in a classroom setting does not qualify someone to become a healer. Rather, most people who are able to use Reiki for healing already are in tune with the energy flow of the universe on an intuitive level. Studying under a Reiki master helps to provide means of channeling that energy in ways that is respectful of the patient as well as to the universe.


One thing that a Reiki healer must understand is that he or she is not actually healing anyone. The healer simply acts as the means of connecting the patient with the flow of energy of the universe, sometimes referred to as God energy. Because this energy is thought to intuitively know how to go about healing the patient, it is not necessary for the healer to know the full circumstances of the ailment that is bothering the patient. Keeping these factors in mind makes it easier for the Reiki healer to keep his or her ego out of the process, and allow the energy flow to reach the patient without any type of barrier.

While many people attest to being healed through the administrations of a Reiki healer, there is not at present any conclusive scientific evidence that this form of energy channeling actually works. Skeptics see this as just another way of preventing people from seeking reliable medical treatment to deal with various types of ailments. They sometimes point to the statements of people who tried Reiki healing and found that it had no effect on their health at all, only serving to delay their efforts to secure medical assistance from a more conventional source. However, some of those who report healing as a result of one or more sessions with a Reiki healer only underwent the healing sessions after traditional medicine provided little to no relief from their particular health problems.



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