What is Distance Healing?

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Distance healing is the act of prayer or concentration on the well being of someone else using many different spiritual beliefs or modes of thinking. It’s thus difficult to describe because the ways a person attempts to heal another can be exceptionally diverse. The healer might call on or manipulate energies or forces in the body of the ill person, or he or she could sit down and intercede through a variety of prayers. In many modes of this form of healing, it isn’t even necessary for the healer and the sick person to share the same religion or be aware of the actions of the other at the time a healing act is attempted.

In some ways distance healing is an ancient act, predating Judaism and reaching back into the religions that preceded it. Any time people pray, concentrate or intend on the well being of others, they are said to be able to spiritually move to the location of others, no matter how far away they are. Such intentions usually have to a have a healing focus though, in order to be considered an attempt at cure or relief. Yet either healing of mind or body could be the intent.


As much as this practice is ancient, it is also employed in modern day, regularly. Those who pray, chant, or intend for the benefit of others are reaching back in time to the beginnings of this practice. Most people do this on an amateur basis. They concentrate on, pray for, or send good thoughts to friends and loved ones in need of healing care. Very often, those in difficulty will be asked by friends what friends can do to help. The answer is frequently: “Pray for me.” Both people understand those prayers or intentions can take place at any time, in any place, even if the people are separated from each other.

While distance healing can be an amateur practice, there are also professional healers who charge for their services. Sometimes people can access healers online who don’t charge, but more often, there is a fee associated with healing. What remains questionable in the hearts of many is whether this fee is worth paying.

People might want to take a look at recommendations from distance healers before making up their minds to use one. A professional healer should show responsibility to clients by asking them to seek medical help before offering any services. Most healers are well aware that medical science is a healing profession, and it is available so that people can get healing care from doctors and others. Should a healer take on a client without understand nature of his/her illness that may be viewed as irresponsible, and not in the client’s best interest.

In general, much question exists about the benefits of distance healing, and despite scientific inquiry, there are no assured answers here. Several studies in the late 20th and early 21st century on prayer and intention initially suggested promise, but have now been widely discredited as unscientific or because data was corrupted. This does not mean that distance healing is ineffective or will not work, but there, as yet, exists small proof that it always works. Distance healers believe no study has been of use because science cannot fully address the mystery of spiritual healing.



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