What is Colorpuncture?

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Colorpuncture™ is a form of alternative medicine that focuses multi-colored lights on various pressure points to heal and energize the body. Invented by scientist Peter Mandel, it has gained popularity across Asia and, more recently, in the United States and Europe. It is quite similar to acupuncture, except there are no needles, only rays of light. The treatments of targeted light are thought to focus on the roots of illness, healing underlying causes, such as emotional and spiritual stress.

People involved in Colorpuncture™ therapy believe that light can penetrate the cells that comprise the human body. The theory is that cells communicate via light, so as light is absorbed into the body, the cells communicate better and healing occurs. The light in Colorpuncture™ therapy is created by a hand-held rod that has different colored tips that emit various colors of light. Since each light color has a different frequency or wavelength, this theory asserts that each color communicates differently with the cells of the body and heals in different ways.

The benefits of Colorpuncture™ are primarily emotional in nature. Colorpuncture™ therapy is intended to help people who are physically ill because of emotional problems. In addition, people who are healthy are encouraged partake in the therapy to clear their body of emotional baggage and thereby prevent illness as well. Some believe it can help people who wander without direction to find purpose to their lives.


In order to determine which colors of light the Colorpuncture™ therapist will use, she will analyze the individual using Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis™. Basically, she uses a Kirlian camera to take high-frequency photographs of the light emanating off of a person’s toes and fingers. By analyzing a series of patterns, the therapist can tell what treatment will be most effective for the individual and how energy can be best restored to the person.

To begin treatment, the color tips of the hand-held rod are either pressed on acupoints or held directly above acupoints, depending on the kind of Colorpuncture™ therapy the person is receiving. The various colors are used to treat many different illnesses. For example, red light is used to stimulate an individual physically, and orange light may stimulate on an emotional level. Yellow light is supposed to work on the nervous system and green light is supposed to reduce pain. Blue light is supposed to soothe the individual, while violet may heighten the emotions spiritually.

Whether or not Colorpuncture™ works is a bit of a controversy. While there are some people who believe that any healing effects from the therapy are simply mental in nature, others claim that is the exact reason why it works. There are Colorpuncture™ offices available in many major cities around the world. It is generally best to consult a medical professional before ending any medical treatment in exchange for an alternative medical therapy.



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