How do I Choose the Best Holistic Courses?

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To choose the best holistic courses, you should decide what type of alternative therapies you want to pursue. There are acupuncturists, holistic therapists, massage therapists, and medical doctors who all practice using holistic approaches to healing. Holistic practitioners generally work to cure the underlying cause of a condition rather than treat its symptoms, and they do so by focusing on the person's physical, emotional, and spiritual self. You can get the best training in the alternative methods you choose by looking into various schools and speaking with current professionals.

There are schools that specifically offer holistic courses. These are generally called alternative medicine schools, and they may offer training in a variety of fields. This is generally the fastest way to begin your career, primarily if you choose to do something like massage therapy, which usually requires less schooling than a medical doctor. Some holistic career, such as aromatherapist, can be completed through online courses. If you want to be in school for as little time as possible, one of these options may be your best bet.

Keep in mind that holistic courses at an alternative medicine institution may not be available in all areas. If the classes you need are not offered online, then you may have to travel or choose an alternate route for training. Other options include attending a four year university as well as becoming a medical doctor while learning alternative approaches to medicine.


Many four-year universities offer holistic courses as part of their regular coursework for certain professions. You can likely take additional classes to become licensed in holistic therapies while earning your degree. Many professionals continue on to earn their PhD and start practices in their field. While this is not always necessary in every field, you may have more job opportunities if you pursue four or more years of college in either a holistic therapy field or a related field with an emphasis on alternative medicine.

You may also decide to become a medical doctor by attending a four-year college followed by medical school. Many of these schools now offer holistic courses, and some doctors combine a conventional and alternative approach with their patients. This gives patients a more well-rounded approach to medicine.

Some holistic therapies may not be heavily regulated in all areas. Although licensing is generally still required, you may be able to learn some fields by attending a community college or tech school while also doing an apprenticeship with a licensed professional. Speak with someone at your local education offices to discuss training options.



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