What are Holistic Doctors?

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Holistic doctors may be trained practitioners in one of several holistic remedies, or licensed medical doctors who have obtained further education to practice holistic medicine. There are a wide range of holistic treatments, including acupuncture, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, and meditation. The main principle behind most holistic approaches is to treat the entire person, meaning the physical body as well as the emotional well-being of the patient.

Many holistic doctors have obtained a medical degree followed by additional courses in the holistic practices they want to offer patients. This allows for a more well-rounded approach to medicine, since the doctor is able to combine conventional medicine and treatments with holistic remedies as well. This often helps patients often fare better than only one type of treatment. This is not only because they are receiving care for their emotional well-being as well as physical, but because harsh treatment involving medications with various side effects are generally reserved until they are considered absolutely necessary.

Other holistic doctor and practitioners study their chosen treatment methods at an institution that specializes in holistic medicine. These professionals may or may not receive an MD during schooling, but they are well-trained in their areas of study. Many holistic practices do not require practitioners to attend medical school, although some still attend school for as many years as a more conventional doctor.


Patients who wish to use holistic doctors instead of or in combination with more traditional medical approaches may find practitioners in their area by looking online or by asking around with their family doctor or specialist. While there are those within the medical community who believe holistic medicines are ineffective, their use is gaining rapid popularity with patients and doctors. This is mainly because many mild to moderate conditions may be more safely treated using natural and holistic approaches than chemically-based medicines.

Some holistic doctors are trained in several areas of holistic healing, but not all treatment options are widely available in all areas. Patients often choose to implement a combination of therapies to promote full healing, and as these approaches become more widespread, the patients will be given additional options to choose from. Additionally, even if a particular doctor is not specifically trained in a specific kind of treatment, he or she can often give advice on its use and offer referrals for someone who is. He or she may also give advice regarding home therapies and remedies, including the use of herbs and food to heal illness.



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