What is a Holistic Clinic?

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A holistic clinic is an institution which offers health care using alternative techniques instead of more traditional medicine. Holistic, or “whole body,” treatment focuses not only on healing the physical aspects of an illness or ailment, but also on healing the spiritual and emotional self. Practitioners believe that total body wellness comes as a result of all three aspects of the human self being in sync and at peace with one another. This concept can be achieved by using one of many healing techniques, including herbal remedies, counseling, meditation, acupuncture, and aromatherapy.

In most areas, a holistic clinic must be owned or operated by trained professionals in their chosen field. Although most holistic practitioners do not have to obtain a medical license, some are trained doctors who have chosen to offer alternative treatments along with more conventional ones. Other practitioners, such as aromatherapists, may have to be certified but do not necessarily have to attend a college or university to be granted certification. Many times, they will take a course at a local community college or holistic training center.


The effectiveness of holistic medicine has been debated by medical doctors and alternative practitioners, but the demand for most holistic approaches continues to grow. This had led to more holistic clinic workers to expand their practices, and new clinics are being opened to keep up with the surge in new clientele. Some types of holistic clinic practices can be found in or near almost any area, although not all healing techniques may be available.

To find a holistic clinic, patients should first obtain a medical diagnosis for any illnesses by visiting a more conventional medical doctor. Once the cause for symptoms is found, it is up to the patient to determine which route for medical care he or she would rather pursue, or if using both holistic and conventional medicine would be a better route. There are holistic healing centers which offer care for everything from muscle aches and depression to serious illnesses like cancer.

Patients are encouraged to do as much research as possible on their particular illness or condition before deciding on a treatment plan. If a holistic clinic is chosen or considered, it is important to be sure the practitioners working there have handled situations similar to the current condition. For instance, choosing a holistic clinic to handle a serious ailment like diabetes may not be wise if the practitioner in attendance has never treated a diabetes case before.



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