What is Aromatherapy Tea?

Aromatherapy tea is tea that is infused with a certain aroma, which produces a pleasing scent. Oil Extracts are taken from certain plants and added to the tea. These scents can smell sweet or fruity as well as floral or mint-like. Aromatherapy tea can have a calming and relaxing effect or it can be used to gain energy. This all depends on the type of scented tea being used.

Citrus fruit juice extracts can be used in aromatherapy tea for extra energy. Fruits such as oranges or lemons can add flavor to the tea but the scent can also be invigorating. These citrus juice extracts can contain high amounts of vitamin C and this can also help to boost energy. Cinnamon, peppermint, and clove teas are also used for motivation and to stimulate the senses.

There are herbal extracts that can be added to tea to relieve tension and stress and promote an all over calm feeling. Chamomile is an herb added to tea and it has an apple like, relaxing scent. It also works internally to calm the mind and body. Wild cherry bark has calming scent but it also produces a feeling of well being. Herbal aromatherapy tea offers a pleasing scent along with relaxing properties.

Women who are menstruating or approaching menopause can benefit by drinking aromatherapy tea. Blends of raspberry, linden flowers, and stevia leaf can produce a pleasing scent and help with other symptoms associated with these conditions. Stomach cramping, insomnia, and menopausal transitions can be reduced by consuming this type of aromatherapy tea and green tea can also be used to boost the desired effect.

Some types of aromatherapy tea can have ingredients that are known to cause some side effects. Teas can have high amounts of caffeine, which is a stimulant. Other types of herbs or plant extracts cannot be consumed by women who are either pregnant or breast feeding. Interactions with pharmaceutical drugs can also occur from drinking certain kinds of teas.

Aromatherapy tea is typically only used to enhance a mood. It can produce an overall good feeling but it probably will not cure any diseases or serious medical conditions. When it comes to these types of teas, the exact dosage should be used and not exceeded to avoid any serious side effects. Children should never be given any kind of herbal tea without approval from the family physician.


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