What are Tea Tree Aromatherapy Oils?

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Tea tree oil, which is also sometimes referred to as melaleuca oil, can be used both for skin care and for aromatherapeutic purposes. The scent of tea tree oil, which has been likened to the scent of eucalyptus essential oil, can be a bit harsh. The oil has antiseptic qualities and can smell, accordingly, like an antiseptic.

As it can have a harsh scent, tea tree aromatherapy oil is often blended with other essential oils. In addition to being blended with eucalyptus, tea tree aromatherapy oils are also sometimes blended with the essential oils of lavender, ginger, clary sage, rosemary, and lemon. By blending tea tree aromatherapy oils with these other oils that have scents that are less sharp and more pleasing, it is possible to get the aromatherapeutic benefits of tea tree aromatherapy oils without offending one's sense of smell.

Tea tree aromatherapy oils are often used by aromatherapists to help boost the immune system. This is one of the key aromatherapeutic purposes for this kind of essential oil, which is usually used in topical applications for its abilities to cure ailments in the skin. There are many ways to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of tea tree aromatherapy oils. The oils can be used in a diffuser or they can be enjoyed in the many kinds of beauty and bath products that combine skin care and aromatherapy.


A great way to experience the benefits of tea tree aromatherapy oils is to use them in the bath. By adding just a few drops of tea tree oil to the bath water, one can experience the aromatherapeutic boost to the immune system. This is an especially helpful treatment during cold and flu season as the warmth of the bath can help to loosen up congestion. In order to treat a cold or the flu with an aromatherapy bath, it is a good idea to use both tea tree aromatherapy oils and eucalyptus aromatherapy oils or a combination of the two.

It is also possible to enjoy the benefits of tea tree aromatherapy oils by using skin care products that are made with tea tree oil. Facial cleansers and facial scrubs are often made with tea tree oil. There are also face masks that are made with tea tree oil. Skin care products made with tea tree oil can help to manage oily skin and can also help to combat acne and breakouts.



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Post 2

I have many different essential oils, but I am always finding new ways to use my tea tree essential oil.

Just the other day I brought my suitcases up from the basement to start packing for a trip. As soon as I opened them, I was greeted with that stale, almost musty odor.

I put some water in a small spray bottle, added a few drops of tea tree oil and sprayed the inside of my suitcases and left them open for a day. The next day, that odor was gone from the suitcases and they smelled clean.

I will also put a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and leave in the pocket of the suitcase while I am traveling. This will keep it smelling fresh while I am gone.

Post 1

If you buy yourself a bottle of tea tree oil, you will find that there are many, many ways to use this wonderful oil.

I like to buy organic tea tree oil so I know that I am getting the best quality. Yes, you will pay a little bit more for it, but you usually only use a few drops of oil at a time, and one bottle will typically last you a long time.

I like to add a few drops of tea tree oil to my laundry - especially when I am washing towels and sheets. This will leave your laundry with a very fresh, clean natural scent. When you breathe in the scent of those fresh sheets, you know you aren't breathing in any chemicals.

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