What is Wellness Tea?

People who wish to help stimulate their immune systems often do so with a beverage known as wellness tea. These herbal tea blends contain various herbs, such as echinacea and eucalyptus, that are purported to help strengthen the immune system. Some wellness teas are also intended to help with pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness.

Echinacea has been used for centuries as a healing herb. Native tribes of North America often used it to help increase the functions of their immune systems. Some doctors recommend the herb, or teas made with it, during cold and flu season, especially for those who work in close contact with the public or children, such as school teachers.

Several herbal teas have the added benefit of vitamins or minerals. Many blends of wellness tea contain vitamin C and zinc. Manufacturers say these formulas can help decrease the recovery time people need when ill. They also may help heal minor wounds or cuts.

Some types of wellness tea include peppermint to help ease upset stomach, as well as to add taste. Chamomile, fennel, and other herbs may also be present to resolve stomach issues. These herbs are also traditionally associated with comfort drinks, and are known to help some people relax while ill.


Wellness teas made specifically for pregnant women often contain mild ingredients largely considered safe for most people. These usually include fruits such as lemon and orange peel, which can help ward off morning sickness for some women. Ginger root is another common herb used in pregnancy formulas.

Many wellness teas contain antioxidant blends that promise other health results in addition to added immunity. Some contain what many people dub superfruits, offering possible protection against cell damage and cancer-causing free radicals. Others contain sleep aid formulas to help people rest while sick.

Those who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or nursing should first consult with a physician prior to imbibing wellness tea. The doctor will require the tea package itself, or at least a list of the ingredients, in order to determine its safety. Some doctors may also be able to recommend specific tea blends or other nausea combatants.

If taking prescription medications, one should also see a physician before drinking wellness tea. People with HIV, autoimmune disorders, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic conditions should also ask a doctor before using herbal teas. Many herbs can interact with prescription drugs, either rendering them ineffective or increasing their potency. Some can cause severe health complications. Echinacea products should not be taken for more than six to eight consecutive weeks.



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Honestly, I can't say whether they work or not, but I buy tea during the cold and flu season. I like to load up on the echinacea tea just in case there are some benefits. I think if something has been used as a remedy throughout history then there is a good chance that it works, or at least doesn't make matters worse..

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I like to stay healthy by watching what I eat and exercising. I also take supplements from time to time. Lately, I have been drinking more of the herbal teas. I prefer the wellness teas over the supplement capsules.

Originally, I bought a lot of the various green tea blends, but now I have discovered websites where I can buy tea online. The choices are great and virtually endless. I may be overdoing it a bit, but I think there must be some benefits to them.

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In my profession, I work with many expectant mothers, and one of the biggest complaints I hear from them is that they have to go through morning sickness. For most women, this is part of the process of having a child. Women have been enduring morning sickness as long as they have been having babies.

There have always been home remedies for the bouts with morning sickness. Over the last several years, I have been hearing more and more women talking about the use of wellness teas to combat the condition.

In the cases I have heard about, the outcomes for women using wellness teas have varied, but I would said at least half of the women said they felt better because of drinking the teas. Maybe a trip to the tea store should be on the list of more pregnant women.

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