What is an Aerobics Gym?

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An aerobics gym is a place where people gather to complete circuits of aerobic exercises in order to stay fit and healthy and either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. One thing that makes an aerobics gym different from other kinds of gyms includes the classes that are offered. Most of the classes on the gym's schedule will focus on different kinds of aerobics such as high impact classes, low impact classes, and classes that combine the two. This last category is often simply referred to as high-low or hi-lo.

In addition to offering fitness and exercise classes, an aerobics gym will have workout equipment that can be used for aerobic exercises. Such equipment includes treadmills, elliptical workout machines, rowing machines or ergometers, stair climbing machines, and exercise bikes. The gym may also have some exercise equipment designed for muscle building such as free weights, but most of the equipment will be designed for aerobic exercise.

In addition to offering classes and access to exercise equipment, an aerobics gym may also have facilities that can be used for specific types of aerobic exercise. For example, a gym might have a pool as swimming is an aerobic exercise that provides a workout for the whole body. The gym might also have a basketball court and a squash court. Using these courts, members can set up games and get a good deal of exercise while also enjoying some social interaction.


The membership price for an aerobics gym usually depends on the gym's location and the kinds of programming and facilities that it offers. If the gym is centrally located in a chic urban neighborhood, the price will likely be higher than similar facilities located in suburban areas or in city neighborhoods with lower real estate values. A small aerobics gym that offers a series of classes and a small set of exercise equipment will be less pricey than a large gym with double the classes. Facilities like swimming pools, basketball courts, and squash courts will also drive up the price of membership.

There are some aerobics gyms that are geared specifically for women. Membership is only open for women and the classes are specifically designed for women. These gyms are often useful for women who feel self-conscious about exercising with men, as well as women who are interested in a gym that provides classes and exercise circuits designed specifically for a woman's body.



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