How do I Choose the Best Gym Classes?

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The gym classes you choose will depend largely on your interests and fitness goals. Gyms and fitness centers offer a variety of classes that will help the participants develop muscle, improve cardiovascular health, learn to stretch properly, or learn a new sport. You will need to decide what your fitness goals are before signing up for gym classes, as your goals and interests will dictate how much you get from the class in general. If you are not sure what your interests and fitness goals are, the first step may be sitting down with a trainer or gym administrator to figure out where you would fit in best.

While most gyms and fitness centers only hire instructors who are qualified to teach gym classes, it is always a good idea to check the instructor's qualifications and goals for the class. Some gym classes are meant for advanced participants, so a beginner could feel lost and overwhelmed in such a scenario. Talk to the instructor to find out why he or she teaches that class, what he or she plans to teach, and at what level. The instructor may also be able to help you decide if you would be happy in one of his or her gym classes at all, and may also be able to recommend another class that may suit your needs better.


Of course, you can't enjoy a gym class or get much of anything out of it if you can't make it to the gym for the class, so it may help you to get a schedule of classes from the gym and decide which ones will work with your schedule. Many professionals take classes in the early morning, at lunch, or immediately after work so they can make the gym a regular part of their schedules. Others may find early evening classes fit best into their schedules. Decide what you can reasonably accomplish without making the trip to the gym a stressful addition to an already crowded schedule. Don't be afraid to start small: one trip to your gym classes a week is better than none at all.

For the beginner gym user, a simpler class might be a good choice. Try a beginner spin class, in which you will learn to ride the exercise bicycle effectively for cardiovascular development and muscle growth. A yoga class is great for developing core muscles and stretching ability, and it is a relaxing choice as a post-workday class. Some gyms offer beginner's weight lifting classes, while others may offer a class on racquetball. Think of what would most motivate you to attend the classes regularly.



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I'd say go with an activity you think you would enjoy and if you're not a regular exerciser, make sure the instructor knows that. Nothing is worse than paying for a class and feeling left out and hopelessly behind and outclassed the whole time. I've been there.

Work toward making yourself more physically fit and tailor your classes to be at or just above your current fitness level so you don't get discouraged.

I think that's the thing that keeps people at home: they feel discouraged with their progress, and this is almost always because they've chosen a class far beyond their current fitness level.

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