How do I Earn an Aerobics Certification?

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An individual who wants to earn aerobics certification usually needs aerobics experience and instructor training. Typically, a person pursuing this type of certification needs cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training as well. The exact requirements for someone seeking aerobics certification may vary, depending on the organization from which he seeks his credential. In most places, however, an individual who wants certification will also have to pass an exam to earn this credential.

The first step a person may take in preparing to earn aerobics certification is learning about the different certifying authorities in his country or region. Often, a person will find that there are several organizations that certify instructors in his area. In such a case, he may compare the organizations in terms of certification requirements and costs. He may also consider the reputation of the organizations he’s considering when deciding which one to contact for certification.

Many organizations require those seeking aerobics certification to be at least 18 years old. Typically CPR and first aid certification is required as well. A person may obtain CPR certification from a first aid company, community center, or even through his employer.


Aerobics experience is a natural prerequisite for those who are seeking certification. Generally, a person will have an easier time preparing for and obtaining certification if he has significant experience with aerobics classes, either as a long-time participant or as an instructor. In fact, there are some certifying organizations that list group instruction experience as a requirement for those seeking certain types of aerobics certification.

Part of earning aerobics certification is completing an instructor training course. These courses may vary in terms of content and costs, but they often cover not only types of exercises, but also the science behind aerobics fitness. Additionally, instructor training programs that help an individual develop important leadership and communication skills may provide good preparation as well.

There are many different ways in which a person may secure the training necessary to prepare for certification. He may receive instructor training in a classroom setting, via an online program, or through a book-based home study program. Often, organizations that provide certification also offer training courses and programs.

Typically, an individual who wants to earn aerobics certification has to pass a certification exam. Often, these exams are multiple choice and completed on a computer. After passing this exam, a person usually receives certification. He may use it to teach aerobics as an independent instructor or through a fitness center or studio. Certification may not only help him to gain employment, but may also prove important for obtaining insurance.



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