What is Acupuncture Insurance?

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Acupuncture insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for the performance of various types of treatments associated with the alternative medical practice of acupuncture. In some areas of the world, this type of insurance may be bundled in with coverage that relates to the use of Western medical practices. More often, acupuncture insurance is purchased as a separate type of medical insurance, and aids in reducing the costs associated with treatments performed by acupuncturists that are recognized as practitioners by the insurance company. As is true with most forms of healthcare insurance, the cost associated with acupuncture coverage will vary, based on the range of benefits included in the policy terms.

As with most forms of health insurance, acupuncture insurance provides partial or complete coverage for different types of treatments performed by an authorized practitioner. Typically, a provider offering this form of insurance will require that the practitioner be in network, or have an affiliation with the insurance company. The affiliation is normally based on the company’s assessment of the practitioner’s credentials in terms of formal training and recognition of those credentials with certain healthcare associations.


The scope of coverage provided by acupuncture insurance will vary. Some provide co-pays for an unlimited number of office visits per calendar year, while others will offer full coverage for three or four visits during the same time period. Some will include partial payment for any herbs or other forms of medicine that the practitioner recommends as part of the overall treatment. Depending on the nature of the ailment involved, the terms of the insurance coverage may cover anything from a small percentage of the costs to a majority of the expense. Since the terms can vary significantly, consumers should read over the provisions of a given policy before ever taking out the coverage, and make sure the acupuncture insurance will be sufficient for their needs.

The term is also sometimes used to refer to a type of malpractice insurance that is carried by medical professionals who may use this form of alternative medicine as part of their medical practices. Here, the goal of the acupuncture malpractice insurance is the same as any other form of professional liability insurance, in that the policy helps to defer expenses that may arise if a patient files suit against the practitioner. As with aiding in the cost of treatments to patients, this type of acupuncture insurance will vary in the scope of support it provides, as well as the cost to the individual practitioner.



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