What is Acupuncture Healing?

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Acupuncture healing is an ancient form of medicine that has been practiced for more than 2,000 years. This method of healing uses acupuncture needles to pierce the body to help relieve pain and even cure disease. The theory behind acupuncture healing is that by using these needles, acupuncture practitioners are able to release blockages that may be preventing the flow of energy between the body’s 14 primary meridians.

There are four basic styles of acupuncture healing that are used to treat patients. The original method of acupuncture, which comes from the Chinese, uses needles with a relatively thick gauge that are inserted into the skin. The Japanese method uses thinner needles that are not as deeply inserted. The other styles of acupuncture healing, Korean and French, vary between these two methods and primarily only use acupuncture points located either on the hands or directly on the meridian pathways.

Acupuncture healing can be used as part of the treatment for many different health conditions, both physical and mental. Acupuncture has been used as a form of treatment for conditions such as infectious diseases like hepatitis, bronchitis, and the common cold; internal conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure; and a variety of other illnesses. Acupuncture healing has also been used for treating emotional and mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress.


A typical acupuncture treatment will take about 45 minutes to perform, though the initial treatment may be substantially longer, lasting up to two hours. Many patients fear that the treatment will be painful as the needles are inserted into the skin, but for the most part the patient will feel no more than a slight pinch similar to a mosquito bite when the acupuncture needle is inserted. In some cases, a patient may feel a slight aching sensation or pressure at the insertion point of the needle, but this usually fades quickly and causes no pain.

Acupuncture healing is growing more popular as more people begin to try alternative treatments in medicine. Many patients are able to find acupuncture clinic in their areas. As there are no documented side effects that are associated with acupuncture healing, it can be a method of treatment worth trying to treat almost any health condition that a person may be suffering.



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