How do I Choose an Acupuncture Clinic?

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People who find that acupuncture helps to relieve their physical and emotional ailments often make it a point to find an acupuncture clinic that is able to provide them with the help they need on an ongoing basis. As with the selection of any type of health care services, choosing the right clinic is a little more involved than simply selecting a name at random from the telephone book. There are several factors that go into choosing the right acupuncture clinic, including the reputation of the clinic, the training and experience of the practitioners that work there, and the price you will pay for various procedures.

One important component of choosing the right acupuncture clinic is to make sure they are capable of providing quality care for your ailments. Many clinics do provide a wide range of treatments that cover just about any type of health issue. However, others specialize in a select few ailments and have a great deal of expertise in the treatments used to cure those health problems.


Making sure the acupuncture clinic you choose has experience with your particular condition is very important. If you are having trouble with conception, go with a clinic well schooled in infertility acupuncture. For emotional issues, look for acupuncture practitioners who are well-versed in facial acupuncture. When the treatment series will involve the use of herbs along with the sessions with acupuncture needles, make sure the providers are schooled in Chinese acupuncture, since that form of traditional acupuncture includes a working knowledge of herbal medicine.

If you are seeking acupuncture treatment as a viable form of alternative health care for general health, then you will want to learn what others think about a given acupuncture clinic. Talk with people who have used the clinic in the past, and get an idea of what they experienced. Did they find the staff to be supportive and the practitioners easy to talk with? Find out what you can about the certification standards employed by the clinic in regard to practitioners; where did they receive their training and what organization or agency granted their certification? Obtaining answers to these questions will often allow you to sidestep any clinic that seems to have some issues and focus your attention on the ones that are more likely to meet your needs.

Finally, there is the matter of price for the treatments. Very few health insurance policies provide coverage for acupuncture procedures. This means that the payment for the treatments will be completely out of pocket. Look for an acupuncture clinic that charges fees you can reasonably afford. Also ask if they have some sort of payment plan options that would allow you to pay for the services over a period of time. By doing a little research, you can find an acupuncture clinic that offers excellent quality health care and will also charge reasonable fees for those services.



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