What is a Sunless Bronzer?

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Sunless bronzer is a beauty product used to create the look of tanned, bronzed skin without the user having to spend any time sun bathing or using a tanning booth. There are two main reasons why people use this product. One is that they may want a bronzed look on their skin but don't want to expose their skin to sun damage. Another is that people want bronzed skin but don't have time to get to the beach or the tanning salon. Sunless bronzer usually comes in a cream or lotion form, but also sometimes comes as a spray that can be easily applied to the skin in even layers.

A sunless bronzer is basically a temporary stain on the skin. In most cases, an application of sunless bronzer lasts for about one week. Typically, one application of the bronzer will deepen the color of the skin, making it look as though it has been tanned in the sun. People who want a darker tan and more deeply bronzed skin, however, can use multiple applications of the bronzer. For the best, most even results, sunless bronzer should be applied to clean, exfoliated skin.


As sunless bronzer is a temporary stain on the skin, users must be careful to apply it correctly. Incorrect application can leave the skin looking patchy, uneven, or discolored instead of evenly tanned. One of the reasons that some people use a spray version of the product is that the spray allows for a more even application and also keeps the user from staining the palms of her hands while applying the product. Those using a gel or cream sunless bronzer must be sure to scrub their hands after applying the product to avoid this kind of staining. When applying sunless bronzer to the face, it is important to work around the hairline and the eyebrows.

After sunless bronzer has been applied to the skin and before it has completely sunk in, it is important for the user to avoid sitting on furniture that is upholstered in fabric or putting on good clothes that can easily stain. Many people apply sunless bronzer while wearing an old bathing suit that they don't mind staining. It usually takes the bronzer between 10 and 30 minutes to completely sink into the skin. After this time period, however, users should still wait another few hours before taking a bath or swimming, as these activities may reduce the effectiveness of the product.



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