What is a Spray Bronzer?

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A spray bronzer is a product that applies color to the skin to create a tanned appearance. Some may consider it a great alternative to getting spray tanning done at a salon. It can also be an alternative to using lotions, laying out in the sun or using a tanning bed. Using the bronzer can also be easier to control the level of color on the skin. Depending on the brand used, it can also be a much cheaper option.

For those who have a problem applying lotion because of streaks, getting the lotion under the nails, smearing it or getting dark hands, a spray bronzer can be quite useful. When applied according to the directions, it can create an even coat of bronzer in a thin layer. If the user is skilled at the application process, it can be applied in a way that could help camouflage flaws on certain areas of the body, such as on the inner thighs or on the stomach.

A spray bronzer can usually be used on both the face and body. It is important that, while applying, it stays out of the mouth and eyes and does not get breathed in. It is best to apply the bronzer while nude or while wearing a bathing suit in the version that you typically wear, such as a bikini. The bronzer may stain the clothes, so it is best to wear something you would not mind getting ruined.


Before applying the spray bronzer, exfoliate the entire body and completely dry off. Follow the directions on the bottle as the application process could vary depending on the brand. Afterward, clothes should not be put on until the bronzer has fully dried. Typically, the color will show slightly, but may not show its full effect until hours later or even the next day.

Prices vary for a spray bronzer; while some are quite affordable others can be very expensive. The price does not necessarily guarantee the effectiveness of the product. Before buying, check the manufacturer's website to check for a coupon.

To choose a spray bronzer, it is important to read online customer reviews first. They can provide valuable information on how to improve the application process and if the product is even worth buying in the first place. In addition, read any warnings on the bottle that suggest whether the product is safe for sensitive skin and whether there are any allergy warnings.



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