What is a Body Bronzer?

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Body bronzer is a beauty product that is used to make the skin look as though it has been tanned and bronzed in the sun. It is primarily used by people who have fair to olive complexions to deepen the color of their skin. In some cases, body bronzer is used to boost the color of a tan. In other cases, the product is applied so that the user can enjoy the appearance of tanned skin without having to lie in the sun or spend sessions in a tanning booth. Body bronzer comes in the form of a cream, a spray, and a powder.

When the product comes in the form of a cream, it is often applied to the skin in a manner that is similar to the way that lotion is applied to the body or foundation is applied to the face. It is applied in an even layer so that all of the skin in the area that is being treated gets an equal amount of the product. It is important not to apply too much of the product or, as with foundation, it may cake up and look unappealing. Anyone using body bronzer, especially the kind that comes as a cream, should be careful to let the product sink in for up to an hour before covering the treated area with clothing or sitting on upholstered furniture. In these cases, the product might transfer onto the fabric and cause staining.


Spray body bronzer works much like sunscreens and emollients that are applied in the form of a spray. It is applied to the skin in an even layer and then rubbed in. It is best to apply this kind of body bronzer while wearing clothing that will not easily stain, as a few droplets of the product may land on whatever the user is wearing.

Cream bronzer and spray bronzers are usually best for those who are trying to look as though they have an all-over tan. Body bronzer that comes in the form of pressed powder, on the other hand, can be used to highlight specific areas. Some people use this kind of bronzer on their faces. It can also be used to feature certain parts of the body such as the collarbone and the shoulders. This kind of product stays in place better than other kinds of body bronzer products and is less likely to transfer onto clothing and upholstery.



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