What is a Russian Translator?

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A Russian translator is someone who speaks fluent Russian, can read and write the language and helps to translate written words to another language, such as to English. The translator may also have a second occupation as an interpreter. Being a Russian translator can mean many career opportunities including government and corporate positions or even freelance.

In order to work as a Russian translator, the person must be fully aware of the subject matter they are dealing with in order to convey the words accurately. Considering their job has to do with writing, translators must have excellent writing skills in both the Russian language and the second language so they can accurately make a clear translation. Editing is also a key skill to have.

A Russian translator must be completely in tune with the Russian culture. Due to cultural differences, he must be aware of how to associate with people to be able to communicate effectively. Having excellent people skills can be a huge asset in the profession.

A Russian translator needs to be up to date and aware of Russian slang to understand its meaning and be able to translate it properly. Since some phrases may also not translate clearly into a second language, he needs to be able to properly format the sentences to keep the intended meaning the same while creating a coherent translation.


Most translation jobs require a bachelor’s degree, such as one in translation studies. Someone looking to become a Russian translator may also want to consider getting a degree in Russian studies or Russian language. Certification from the ATA, or American Translators Association, can also help add to a list of qualifications.

A company or government position as a Russian translator may require the candidate to have a significant amount of previous experience. One way to get experience beforehand, even while attending school, is to do paid or volunteer freelance translation work. Many translation jobs are work-at-home and require a good Internet connection and computer access.

Being that Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, being a Russian translator it is a good career opportunity. A translator can work in several different industries, including tourism, hospitality and education. It could take awhile to get established, but it could very well be worth it in the long run.



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