What is a Norwegian Translator?

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A Norwegian translator is a professional who translates different mediums of communication into Norwegian, or from Norwegian into another language. Norwegian is a northern Germanic language and the official language of Norway. A Norwegian translator might translate written text or spoken word in a professional setting for the company which employs them, or they may work for private citizens who need translation services.

Complete fluency is needed in both Norwegian and the language that Norwegian is being translated to or from. For most translating positions, a working knowledge of Norwegian is necessary but also not enough. An undergraduate degree in translating or interpreting modern languages, Norwegian itself, or Germanic languages is usually also required. Sometimes academic qualifications beyond an undergraduate degree in the specified areas are required in order to work as a Norwegian translator.

In order to work as a Norwegian translator, there are many personal skills that are relevant. Anyone who wishes to work as a translator must have an ability to work with all different types of people and adapt to different social settings. A translator must also not have a fear of public speaking, because if the translator is working in a corporate setting, he or she will often have to translate for a large group of people, considering that he or she will most likely be the only person in the room familiar with the language being translated.


Another skill that is important for a position as a Norwegian translator is the ability to think outside of the box, since translation often involves communicating more than is actually conveyed in speech by the parties attempting to communicate. In many situations, idiomatic expressions do not translate exactly, or the way someone might explain something in one culture might not be totally translatable or understandable to another culture, and it is the role of the translator to try to overcome these obstacles in communication.

There are various occupations that are available for a Norwegian translator. Freelance translation positions exist, in which the translator is basically self-employed and works for different employers at different times. There are also staff positions available within the European Union for translators. Translators who work for a Norwegian or American company that needs Norwegian translation can offer a wide variety of positions differing in pay and rising even to the managerial level, because translators may eventually be in charge of organizing large conferences for an employer. There is also a public service sector for Norwegian translation, where translators would work in schools, courtrooms, police stations, or other public institutions where translation might be necessary



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