What Is a Micro Home Theater?

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A micro home theater is a type of home theater setup that is designed to be smaller in size or scale than some other systems. This usually refers to the sizes of the speakers that are used in the audio of a home theater, rather than the television screen. Many systems include a number of speakers, often five or more, that need to be set up properly in order to create a home theater experience. A micro home theater includes a number of speakers that are often quite small in size, allowing them to be easily used in smaller rooms.

The basic idea behind a micro home theater system is to allow someone who may have space issues to still create a powerful and immersive home theater experience. The size of the television used in this type of theater is often not a part of the smaller scale of the theater. Television sizes are vital to a large picture that creates a home theater experience. The development of flat screen televisions, such as wall-mounted high definition televisions (HDTVs) has allowed for the use of large television screens even in small spaces.


Audio requirements for a home theater, however, can still make options somewhat limited for someone who wishes to create such a theater in a small space. In order to make this type of setup easier, some companies have developed systems that are often referred to as micro home theater setups. These can include just as many speakers and functions as other home theater audio systems, but require less space in which the components are used. The bass speaker or sub woofer in a micro home theater, for example, often includes an amplifier, rather than integrating an amplifier that is a separate unit.

Satellite speakers in a micro home theater system are often quite small, sometimes even smaller than bookshelf speakers that may be part of other systems. These satellite speakers are set up on the left and right side of a room, usually in both the front and back of the room, to allow for surround sound in a home theater. A micro home theater audio system can include five satellite speakers just like other, larger audio systems, providing the same level of surround audio experience found in those systems. Each of these speakers, however, can be quite small in size and so easily function in a small space that may not have room for larger speaker systems.



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Post 2

@strawCake - I'm glad you found a good solution for your apartment. Mine must be smaller than yours, because I've never found a micro home theater solution that worked for me.

Even if the speakers are small, I think you really need a big television to have a quality home theater. I don't really have space for that, and I also don't have the extra spending money either.

For right now, my lap top is the perfect "micro home theater" for my needs!

Post 1

I think a micro home theater is a great idea if you happen to live in an apartment. I actually have a friend that has a nice big house and she actually has a home theater room. However, I live in a one bedroom apartment and I definitely do not have room for a full blown home theater like that!

But, I was able to put in a micro home theater. The speakers are small and they don't take up a lot of space in my living room, which is great. And I think the sound quality is just as good as my friends bigger (more expensive) home theater room! I may be biased though.

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