What Are the Different Types of Media Room Decor?

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Decorating a media room or home theater allows for a bit more decorative freedom than the rest of the house, since it is a room that is entirely designed to be a fun place to relax. It may not even be necessary to coordinate the media room decor to the rest of the house, if it is separate and not viewable from other rooms, as many media rooms are in order to keep them darker. Some of the most common types of media room decor include vintage movie memorabilia, such as tin movie signs. Other movie decorations, like glass popcorn buckets or film reels mounted on the walls, are also popular. Many people also add cushy, reclining chairs to a media room to make it more enjoyable to relax in.

Many people do stick with a movie theme when they are searching for media room decor. For the walls, framed movie posters or vintage tin movie signs represent a natural choice, and they can give the room a very fun and colorful feel. Individuals can choose contemporary movies or older films based on their interests, and the feel they are trying to give the room.


The theme of film in media room decor often extends to the actual decorative knick-knacks as well. Ceramic or glass popcorn buckets are a favorite item for displaying around the room. Film reels are also a great choice for displaying on the walls. A more contemporary, hi-tech, look is another way to go. Of course, some people prefer to keep the media room decor simple so as not to detract from the media; dark colors are often used to paint the walls, and any art hung might be in simple, geometric patterns and darker colors.

The furniture in the home theater is an important part of the media room decor as well. Some people choose to set up a bar or some small tables with high stools to give people a place to sit and chat or have a drink. Others will stock the room with comfortable couches or reclining chairs to make it more comfortable. Rather than arranging the furniture in a circular arrangement for talking, it is common to design a media room with staggered seating with all the chairs facing the same way, towards the screen at the front of the room. The design one chooses is entirely based on the purpose of the room, and whether it will be solely a media room or a multipurpose room.



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