How Do I Choose the Best Home Theater Ideas?

The best home theater ideas can depend on your budget and the type of space you have available in your home. There are many different places to find good home theater ideas, from the Internet to print magazines that are dedicated to the subject. One great way to find good home theater ideas is to check online real estate sites for listings that include home theaters, since the listings often have pictures that may provide you with ideas. Some sites also publish pictures specifically of innovative home theater designs that might provide you with ideas of how to best use your space. In general, you should choose a television screen that is sized properly for your room, arrange all of your seating options to make use of the best viewing angles, and consider the acoustics of the space when installing speakers.

Home theater installations can be incredibly complex or deceptively simple, and can be either designed professionally or be the result of do-it-yourself (DIY) efforts. Some home theaters are set up to look like real theaters, with individual reclining chairs set up in descending rows, while others simply consist of a television, surround sound system, and a nice couch. The best home theater ideas can be highly dependent on the available space and budget, so those are the primary factors you should consider.


When you first start looking for home theater ideas, you may want to consider the available space first. Since a good home theater experience can depend on shutting out all exterior light and sound, one good idea is to place your home theater in a room with thick walls and no windows; basement rooms often work well for this purpose. If your home has no rooms like that, and there is no money for extensive remodeling in your budget, there are still a few ideas you may want to consider.

Designing a home theater can allow for a lot of creativity, but it can be important to choose a room that is rectangular, rather than square. If that is not possible, then you can outline a rectangular space within a larger or oddly shaped room instead. Should you find that your space is severely limited, some solutions are to use a projector screen, wall-mounted flat panel television, or install a television into one of the walls. If your floors are bare, it can be a good idea to either use a throw rug or carpeting, since bare floors can result in poor sound quality. For home theater rooms that have large windows, an idea to help achieve the best sound and picture quality is to use two sets of drapes or blackout curtains.



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