How Do I Choose the Best Media Room Designs?

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Media rooms are a popular option for people that want the experience of a theater in their homes. These can range from a converted family room to a separate room in a house. Many media rooms include large screen televisions or projection screens, surround sound speakers, and other audio-visual equipment. When designing a media room, seating and lighting should also be taken into consideration. The best media room designs usually depend on your budget, as well as how much space you have in your home.

There are a wide variety of media room designs available, with some costing a relatively small amount, while others are luxurious and quite expensive. The best option for you is generally the one that fits into your budget for the project, as well as the amount of space you have available. If you're on a lower budget with limited space, the best type of media room may be one that simply upgrades the existing television to a larger model, and adds a surround sound speaker system to the living space where it will be watched, such as a family room.


When designing a media room in a space that is used often, the area should be functional for media viewing as well as any other activities that take place there. In addition to the television, the room may be designed around comfortable seating, such as a sectional couch. Position the couch at the best angle for watching the television. If the room has windows, you may want to install black-out window coverings to make the room dark and similar to a theater when viewing the television during the day.

If you have a large home with extra rooms, as well as a large budget, there are many media room designs that can transform an empty space into a home theater. A high-definition projector may be installed to show movies and television on a large screen, and speakers can be built into the walls. For a large media room project, it may be helpful to employ an interior designer and an audio-visual expert who both have experience with media room designs. Such professionals can help you design a room that is functional and meets all of your wants and needs.

In a media room that is separate from the rest of the home, the seating and lighting are also an important part of the design. You may choose to install reclining, theater-style chairs, which often come complete with cup-holders. For optimum viewing, a media room will not have windows, but lighting with a dimmer function is popular.



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