What is a Driving School Instructor?

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Driving school instructors are professionals who provide training and education to people who wish to learn how to operate motor vehicles safely. In most places around the world, a driving school instructor must be licensed by a government jurisdiction in order to work for any type of school offering driver education courses. The exact requirements will vary somewhat, depending on local laws that apply to the position.

There are several requirements that anyone wishing to become a driving school instructor must meet. First, the individual must be a licensed driver in the jurisdiction where he or she will work. In the United States, most jurisdictions also require that the candidate be at least 21 years of age, and have an excellent driving record. The minimum educational requirements are usually a high school diploma or a General Educational Development degree, also known as a GED. In situations where the candidate is seeking employment with a private driving school, he or she must have a formal endorsement from that school before a license can be granted.


Along with basic requirements related to age, a valid driver’s license, and an excellent driving record, a successful applicant for the position of driving school instructor will also be required to complete an instructor’s course. Many of these courses require thirty hours of study and successfully completing an exit examination before certification for the course is awarded. The course must be offered by an institution that is recognized by the jurisdiction where the candidate intends to work.

Other tests are also necessary before it is possible to become a private driving school instructor, or even teach driver’s education at a local high school. The candidate must successfully pass an eye exam, a written exam similar to a basic driver’s license exam, but somewhat more comprehensive, and a road test. The road test involves dealing with specific conditions on the open road, observing all traffic laws, as well as demonstrating the ability to respond quickly when an unanticipated event occurs on the road.

Assuming the driving school instructor candidate successfully meets all the requirements, he or she is awarded certification and is free to work as an instructor anywhere within the jurisdiction. It is not unusual for the certificates to be renewable every year or so. This makes it possible to review the performance of the instructor from time to time and make sure the level of competence exhibited is within the standards set by the jurisdiction.



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