How do I get a Driving Permit?

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The process of getting a driving permit usually varies depending upon where you try to obtain it. One of the first requirements you need to meet is to be old enough. It is also likely you will need to take a driving course. After this is done, you can proceed to the licensing authority and apply.

Find out what the age restrictions are for obtaining a driving permit in your area. Even within the United States, age restrictions can vary from one state or territory to another. The required age generally falls between 15 and 21 years old.

You will probably have to take a driving course. Some high schools offer driver’s education classes so all youth can have easy access to this type of instruction. This may be free or there may be fees involved. Depending on the laws in your area, you may be able to take this course before you are actually old enough to apply for a driving permit so you do not have to wait once you reach the required age.

If you have passed your high school years or for some other reason you are unable to take this course in high school, you may find a private driving school. This does not mean you can have a relative or friend teach you how to drive. It is generally required that you learn under the guidance of a certified driving instructor.


Your driving lessons will generally have two parts. The classroom instruction will teach you things you need to know about automobiles, such as what to check before getting into the vehicle. You should also learn the laws of the road. Your behind-the-wheel instruction allows you to apply what you learned in the classroom. It should also teach you how to operate a vehicle lawfully and safely.

If you finish your driving education satisfactorily, you will likely be given a certified statement acknowledging your completion. Then, you should be ready to approach the licensing authority. These agencies have different names, which may include Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Motor Vehicles Administration (MVA.)

Before you receive a driving permit from the licensing authority, you will likely have to take a test or two. One is a question and answer test. It may be timed and your score should reveal that you have excellent road knowledge. You may also have to take an on-road test with an official from the licensing agency. This may not be necessary if you have already done so in driving school.



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