What Does a Customer Care Manager Do?

A large part of a business's success lies in its ability to keep customers happy and acquire repeat sales. A customer care manager is an individual who oversees the customer service area of a business. Someone in this position can work in many environments, including retail stores, restaurants and call centers. While the industry a customer care manager works in may differ, his responsibilities are generally similar. These mainly include training customer service representatives, supervising staff, interacting with customers and resolving customer complaints.

To provide customers with the best service, it's important for a customer care manager to properly train all customer service representatives. This may involve a formal training program or simply showing new employees the proper techniques for interacting with customers. Throughout the training process, a customer care manager will usually acclimate employees to company guidelines, teach up-selling techniques and provide assistance during the initial period of employment.

Supervising staff members on a daily basis is also an essential part of this job. To maximize sales and ensure customer satisfaction, a customer care manager must monitor the performance of each employee. This monitoring can include creating staff schedules, observing sales techniques and providing feedback. If an employee isn't staying on task, it's up to the customer care manager to address the issue. Consequently, this job requires a person with substantial communication skills and the ability to lead multiple employees.

Another key part of this job is interacting with customers on a daily basis. As the position suggests, a customer care manager should provide customers with assistance and ensure a positive experience. If he is working in a retail setting, he may greet customers when entering a store and act as a guide for locating an item. In a restaurant setting, he may visit with customers and make sure that the food and service as satisfactory. This aspect of the job calls for an individual with an approachable and friendly demeanor.

Additionally, it's necessary for a customer care manager to efficiently resolve customer complaints when they arise. When dealing with customers on an ongoing basis, it's inevitable that conflicts will occur. While most customers are cordial, there are always going to be difficult customers at times. When a situation escalates, it's the customer care manager's job to handle it and provide the customer with a solution. This is perhaps one of the more stressful parts of the job and requires a person with the ability to remain calm and focused.


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