How Do I Become a Client Services Manager?

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If you want to become a client services manager, you're likely to need a combination of a business degree, managerial experience and a results-oriented attitude. Client services managers typically aren't hired to simply oversee and maintain client accounts, but to also understand and implement complex strategies to forecast customer trends. An analytical mind, leadership ability, top communication skills and expert business knowledge are crucial characteristics to have if you hope to become a client services manager.

While many corporations seek a client services manager with a Master's of Business (MBA) degree, there may be companies that will consider you if you have a Bachelor's of Business (BBA) plus about five years of customer service managerial experience. The exact requirements vary widely and may depend on location as well as company size, so before you start planning a career path to become a client services manager, it's best to do research to find out what businesses in your area are looking for in applicants for this position.


In whatever jobs you have, try to develop skills in analytical thinking and quality control. Be prepared to indicate on your resume how in your earlier jobs you used these qualities to improve client care for the benefit of the companies for which you worked. Working in management as well as customer service can help you build your skill set if you want to become a client services manager, but focus on a proactive rather than passive stance. For instance, rather than simply handling problems when customers call you, analyze their needs and make calls or meet with them first to learn the skills you'll need as a client services manager.

For some client services manager jobs, travel may be required. You may be required to meet regularly with local clients as well as travel globally. Negotiation and decision making skills are important. You must be able to understand each client's business in detail, even if the supply chain processes and distribution logistics are complex. It is also likely that you will be expected to be the expert for customers to go to when you become a client services manager.

Managing and motivating a team of customer sales staff is another skill you're likely to need as a client services manager. You should also be prepared to be knowledgeable in sales forecasting and customer prospecting. If you become a client services manager, you may be expected to bring in new customers as well as maintain the loyalty of old ones.



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