How Do I Become a Field Service Representative?

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A field service representative is often called upon to provide on site technical or operational services for his or her company's clients. To become a field service representative requires developing excellent customer service skills. It will almost always involve getting the required technical training in whichever field you may find yourself in, from information technology to electrical repair.

Educational requirements besides on site training are minimal. The person who wants to become a field service representative will usually have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. A bachelor's degree is not necessary in landing a field service rep position. On site training may include studying for exams and getting a professional designation in your field. It could also include apprenticing a more senior field service representative until you learn how to handle client requests and how best to address challenges while working on site.

To become a field service representative, you should make sure to have a valid driver's license as well as automobile insurance. Professionals in this field often travel to the client's site and will need to know how to drive safely and efficiently. In addition to driving, some field service representatives are required to lift heavy mechanical and electrical equipment or stand on their feet for long periods of time. Make sure you are able to perform physically demanding tasks before applying for a job in this customer service field.


You will need excellent communication and client services skills in order to become a field service representative who is trusted by his or her managers. The bulk of your job will involve addressing client concerns and providing repair and/or maintenance services. These activities require that you can clearly communicate your company's capacities to the client before starting the job. They also necessitate that you can effectively relay any questions from the client to your managers.

Exuding professionalism while on the job is paramount to succeeding as a field service representative. You will be representing your company to the customers, and many times you will be the only face of the company that the customer sees. While completing a client project, you should always be on your best behavior, going out of your way to be professional and polite when interacting with clients. Good grooming is also a part of your professional image and you should take care to dress appropriately and neatly from head to toe.



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