How Do I Become a Technical Service Representative?

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There are no specific requirements to become a technical service representative, though you will usually need some combination of work experience and higher education. The qualifications for each technical service representative position are slightly different, though most require a two or four-year degree in an appropriate field of study. Working in sales or technical support can prepare you to become a technical service representative, and there are some specific skills and areas of knowledge it can be good to work on. Knowledge of sales and marketing can be very important even if you will not be personally responsible for making sales, and you will also need well developed customer service abilities.

In order to become a technical service representative, you will typically need to complete a post-secondary degree of some type. If you have identified this as a potential career path, it can help to check with potential employers before beginning your education. That can give you a good idea as to what type of degree you will need to pursue. Some positions only require a two-year technical degree, while others demand a bachelor's degree in a specific field of study such as science or engineering. The specific type of education you need to acquire will depend on the types of products you want to become a technical service representative for.


Technical service representatives are typically sent out into the field to support both sales personnel and customers. Some service representatives also make sales, though they are more commonly responsible for cultivating existing customer relationships. Scientific or technical knowledge is typically required, in addition to a great deal of familiarity with the specific product line of the employing company. These service representatives are often responsible for educating customers about the products, helping with installations or plans, and troubleshooting any problems that occur.

Since technical service representatives often work directly with clients, there are a number of skill sets you may need to possess or develop. If you have identified a specific industry that you would like to work in, it may help to obtain a technical support or sales job first. That can allow you to learn about the types of products that industry creates. You can also develop your customer service skills, which will help you deal with clients, and prepare you to successfully become a technical service representative. It can also help to be good at active listening to determine what types of problems or issues each client is faced with, and have strong problem solving abilities that can allow you to efficiently determine the best solutions.



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