How Do I Become a Customer Experience Manager?

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Typically, to become a customer experience manager, you must have extensive customer service experience. This is because many companies hand pick their customer experience managers and promote from within. Even if you don't have extensive work experience, customer experience managers that have superior skills in customer care are generally selected from the customer service department of an existing company.

If you want to become a customer experience manager, but do not already have experience in this field, then your first step should be to find a position in customer service. Most companies that hire customer experience managers from outside of the company like to hire those with a college degree. The best types of degrees to become a customer experience manager include business and psychology. It can be an added bonus if you possess a master’s degree, especially a master’s in business administration.

Ultimately, a customer experience manager is an employee that works directly with the customers of the company. Their job is to ensure that the customer receives superior customer service, returns as a repeat buyer to the business and refers new clients. If in fact the customer has a problem with the business, or its product or service, the customer experience manager does everything within their power to resolve the issue and return the customer’s opinion of the company, product or service to what it was or better than what it was, prior to the issue the customer had with it.


To become a customer experience manager, you can look for companies that have open positions and apply. Again, it helps if you have customer service experience and meet the criteria the company has set prior to applying. If you are working within a business, you can also inquire about an internal promotion from your current position to become a customer experience manager.

In addition to working directly with customers, the customer experience manager also tends to supervise and manage customer service representatives. This means that when there is a customer issue that the representative is not able to resolve on their own, it may be turned over to you to help resolve the issue. In supervising customer service representatives, you are also responsible for their work schedules, performance appraisals, training, guidance and involvement in helping each of the customer service representatives that work toward their own career goals.



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