What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?

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Cloudy pool water can be caused by many different factors. If the chemicals used to clean the pool water are not balanced, this could be the source. Pool water can also get cloudy because of natural occurrences, such as heavy rain or winds. If the tools to keep the pool clean are not working, this may cause problems as well. In some cases, there could be more than one factor keeping the water from looking clean and clear.

It can be difficult to keep pool water clean, since dirt and pool algae can make it cloudy or give it a green tint. Most people use an assortment of chemicals to keep the water clean, including chlorine, algaecide, and other chemicals. They have to be used in the right amount, based on how much water the pool holds. If there are not enough cleaning chemicals in the pool, it could look murky.

The pH balance is also an important part of maintaining clean pool water. If the water is too acidic, meaning the pH is low, it will be cloudy. If the water is too alkaline, meaning the pH is high, it could cause the same problem. The pH of the pool should be tested often, especially when the water is not clear.


Weather can also be a factor. Storms with heavy rains bring particles down into the pool. If wind is associated with a storm, it may blow trash, grass, and tree leaves into the water. If there are any trees above the pool, animals will often cause leaves and other debris to fall into the pool, which could make it cloudy.

There are many tools, including pool vacuums, pumps, and filters, that help keep pool water clean. The machines work together to keep the water circulating and remove any particles. If any of these parts quit working, then cloudy pool water is often the result.

Many times, several factors combine to make the water cloudy. Most people have to use chemicals, a filter, and vacuum the pool to get the water looking clear again. Cloudy pool water also tends to happen when the pool has not been used for a few days or if it is used very often. Covering the pool when it is not used can help keep the water clear.



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