What are the Best Tips for Pool Cleaning?

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Swimming pool cleaning can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but there are a few tips that may make the job easier. Pool cleaning is much simpler when the purification chemicals are kept in balance. Regular vacuuming of the pool floor will help to prevent the growth of algae. The walls should also be scrubbed with a brush at regular intervals. Frequent skimming of the surface of the water will also prevent the growth of algae in other parts of the pool.

Pool cleaning often begins with maintaining a proper balance of chemicals in the water. Correctly balanced purification chemicals not only eliminate unnecessary cleaning, but also make the water safer for swimming. Self-test kits are available to check the pool water’s chlorine level and pH balance. These chemicals should be checked twice per week to maintain correct levels. The pump and filter mechanism should be run for at least five hours each day to prevent water stagnation.


The pool floor should be vacuumed at least once per week to control the growth of algae. It may even be necessary to vacuum the floor twice a week in very hot temperatures because algae typically grow faster in warm water. Vacuuming a large pool requires a considerable amount of effort and purchasing an automatic device might be a wise investment. These devices move around the pool automatically to clean the floor and remove algae. Hard to reach places such as corners can be cleaned with a manually operated pool vacuum.

The pool walls can usually be cleaned with a long-handled scrub brush. Many of these brush variants are equipped with a telescopic handle to reach deep into the pool from above. A stainless-steel brush usually works best for concrete walls, but tile walls typically require nylon bristles. This process may be performed weekly during mild temperatures and more frequently in very hot weather. It is best to scrub the pool walls prior to vacuuming the floor.

The surface of the water must also be kept clean by skimming away leaves and other debris. This pool cleaning process should be performed once a day to prevent surface debris from sinking to the floor. A specially designed net is available for this purpose. This task can usually be completed quickly unless there are a lot of trees nearby. The pool filter should also be cleaned periodically to prevent a buildup of leaves and debris.



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